Use Agreement

Use Agreement

Please be sure to use a material after reading use agreement.
And since this agreement may change, please be sure to read each time.

Use Agreement

鉛筆の絵The copyright of a material is in Nyaha.Although just begun, copyright has not abandoned.

鉛筆の絵Please use a material only by the individual homepage.
Please use it neither to the use by trade profits or operating profit,nor the site contrary to order.

鉛筆の絵I will forbid re-distribution and processing of a picture.Please carry out neither other sites nor use with mail.

鉛筆の絵In any cases, about the trouble generated by using a material,it does not have any responsibility here.

鉛筆の絵If directly linked to a picture, since a burden will start a server,please download and use it.

鉛筆の絵When you use it, please tell "It used" by comment.